Best Call Blocker for Landline Review

1. BT Premium Phone
CPR V5000 Call Blocker
Phone BT Premium is one of the latest and most advanced in the field of call management BT. He sits next to Halo, which has an advantage in this model only in the address book memory. The BT Premium call blocking capabilities are based on TrueCall technology, which requires unrecognized subscribers to identify themselves before transmitting them.

In principle, if the calling subscriber does not call from one of up to 200 numbers in the address book, their call will not go directly. The service requires that users be connected to the BT Caller Display Caller ID service for proper operation.

premium phone
For numbers that are not blocked, the user can decide whether to answer, block (using a dedicated button with a single click) or send a call to an answering machine.

Blocking of new numbers is not due to older forbidden numbers; you can block up to 1000 individual numbers. You can also block calls by type - including mobile, payphone, international, withheld and anonymous.

For those who want complete tranquility and calmness, there is a Do Not Disturb feature that stops all incoming calls if they are not listed with numbers marked "VIP" in the phone book, for example, those that belong to family members. Premium is also the only phone in its range offering mobile synchronization.

2. Panasonic KX-TGH260

One of Panasonic's records in the call management sector is the KX-TGH260. Do not delay the name; It is more elegant than it seems with a 1.8-inch color display, which can be personalized with different wallpapers.

Under the new updated rules, free access to your ISP's caller ID means that you can use the serious incoming call feature of the model.

Users can reject calls from retained and anonymous numbers - and can also block entire groups of numbers from calling based on anything from the first two to eight digits. It is possible to block up to 250 separate rooms.

Prior to BT's efforts, it was one of the few phones that we found that had a "do not disturb" function, blocking all calls between certain points, except those that were from pre-selected numbers, for example, those that belong to family members. However, now this is a fairly common function among phones blocking calls.

3. BT Halo

Modern Halo can handle smartphone calls via Bluetooth and can hold up to 2000 contacts.

The requirement to register with the caller's display service in order to take advantage of "advanced" call control, users can block all calls of a certain type, for example, withholding or international numbers.

Like Premium, Halo can block up to 1000 specific numbers, and those that are not listed in your address book should be announced by yourself. It also has a BT lock lock button with one click, if you receive or answer a call that you want to block.

You can also block numbers by location by specifying the area code.

Halo allows you to provide a fairly comprehensive list of call blocking features and does not compromise battery life (running time of 21 hours and 240 hours of standby time).

4. Siemens Gigaset C620A

Siemens Gigaset C620A has excellent call functions, including brilliant sound quality in the "bell" mode and the ability to send texts, but there is not enough to block the allocated calls.

The main purpose of the call blocking action is an anonymous call block and a black list function that allows users to block calls from 15 numbers.

Otherwise, you can configure it instead of silent anonymous calls - the phone will light up, warning the household of the incoming call, but it will not ring. This can also be extended to all calls at a time when users just do not want to call, but they want to know if the call comes in. There is also a lock button for blocking unpleasant interference.

The base is equipped with a built-in answering machine capable of recording up to 55 minutes of messages - enough time for unpleasant callers to leave their message.

Meanwhile, the phone itself offers the ability to record direct calls and up to 26 hours of talk time - and the address book can receive up to 250 entries.

As with other phones, those who do not have the activated call indicator will not find any number of programs, they will receive Gigaset to show the full contact information of the caller.

Instead, the display will show the number, but not the name - and it will not use personalized ringtones. Best Call Blocker for Landline Review